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    A very important part of the history of our town is best shared in memories of those who have lived here through the decades. A picture can record a place, event, or even a person, but it's the folks who have been there or known someone who can offer the best insight.

    I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we'd love to hear your memories of growing up and living in Baldwin. This forum's settings are set so registered members can post new threads and tell us their stories.

    What are you waiting for ? Let's hear your favorite memories !
  2. Chris

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    Every Summer I remember those trips to Roseland Park in Canandaguia.

    We'd ride our bikes up to Bob and Dee Brown's house to get the permission slips for our parents. Once signed, we'd ride back up to drop them off. Then on the given day we'd meet at the church where there'd be two school busses waiting to take us. Now the trip seems so quick but back then it seemed so far away.

    We'd arrive and be turned loose for the day with all day passes to ride the rides. I spent a lot of time in the arcade there, and of course rode some rides. Probably ate myself sick on ice cream, "Charlie Brown" I think it was called, simply peanut butter ice cream.

    That was such a great time, God bless those adults who put up with us for the day.

    I think I still have the pennant I brought back for my grandpa around here somewhere.

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