Fundraiser Underway To Rehabilitate Park In Baldwin

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    The Andrew G. DePrimo Memorial park was dedicated in August 1985 in the memory of Andrew DePrimo, a Baldwin resident who was killed in a motor vehicle crash on June 26th, 1982. The park was dedicated by an act of the Town of Baldwin and dedicated to the memory of DePrimo who volunteered his time to take care of the town's two parks before his tragic death.

    Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 2.06.46 PM.png
    DePrimo's siblings pose for photo at park dedication, 08/31/85
    The park has been enjoyed by the town's youth for over thirty years now, and as is to be expected, the park needs a little sprucing up. Baldwin Town Councilman Adam Sherwood has begun working on a project to do just that.

    The rehabilitation project includes plan for a replacement to the chain link fence on the eastern side of the park's basketball court. The original fencing suffered damage from those climbing over it to retrieve basketballs. Therefore, the replacement fencing will be 12 feet high to prevent anyone from climbing over it in the future.

    Additional plans include new basketball hoop netting, basketballs, and a rack to store them on as well as refurbishing the current swing set. Also, plans include replacing the current merry-go-round with a more modern activity station.

    Sherwood says he continues to work to get help with finding from the county, and says a very generous donation was recently received from the Lowman Little League which recently ceased operations.
    He hopes to reach a goal of an additional $2,500 to achieve the park's rehabilitation.

    A Go Fund Me account has been established in the hopes to continue to raise funds from private donors. Over $600 has been raised to date.

    Those wishing to contribute to the park's rehabilitation can do so through the Go Fund Me account found HERE or they may contact Sherwood by phone at 735-0118
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    Happily the GoFundMe campaign has met it's goal.
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    The goal has been met, items are currently being purchased. Payment for the play structure has been sent and the order is in process if being finalized. The fencing project bids have been submitted and hopefully will be scheduled in the coming weeks. Also purchased some other play equipment for the park as well. Two benches were sponsored and are 75% completed, and the plaque proofs have been rendered and pending final approval by the sponsors, will be cast and delivered sometime in August. Cannot thank the community enough for coming together and donating the needed resources!
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    Park rehab has been underway with a new section of 12' chain link fence installed on the western side of the park and the tree limbs trimmed back. Additionally new, heavier duty chain nets have been added as well as a selection of toys and balls for the town youth to enjoy. Benches have been refurbished or replaced.

    Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 3.41.42 PM.png

    A play structure has been purchased and will be installed at the park in the Spring.

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