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    The following are links to maps from 1853 showing the Town of Chemung before the Town of Baldwin separated from it in April 1856.

    These images are too big for this particular platform, so I will post links that will take you to a Flickr account. There, you'll be able to see them full size as well as zoom in on them.

    Special thanks to Mary Ellen Kunst, historian for the Town of Chemung for putting these on her site where I found them to begin with.

    Photo 1 is a map of the Town of Chemung in 1853:


    Photo 2 shows roughly what would become the Town of Baldwin:


    Photo 3 is a rough estimate of what would become known as "Hammond's Corners" and later, North Chemung ( although it was already listed by that name on this map as well ):


    Photo 4 is a rough estimate of what would become the hamlet of "Hicksville" or Hicks:


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